13 Jumpsuits to Help You Channel Justin Bieber at His Cover Star Best

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If you’re reading this, you might’ve caught a glimpse of our May cover starring a fresh-faced upstart named Justin Bieber. (We think he’s going to be big.) Key to the magic of Bieber’s gravity-defying cover shot? A blinding neon jumpsuit, pulled straight from designer Kim Jones’ idiosyncratic vision for Dior Men. Even for a dresser as consistently ahead of the curve as Bieber, the jumpsuit isn’t exactly run-of-the-mill fare. Yet. There’s a surprisingly deep selection of the style available right now, from uber-functional workwear stalwarts to tricked-out designer takes. The jumpsuit train has officially left the station. 

Committing to the all-in-one silhouette is a bold move—even if you are one of the biggest pop stars in the world—but with a little confidence, you can pull off the best jumpsuits for men with just as much panache as JB. (We’d suggest maybe keeping the torso on, though.) Throw a boxy work jacket on up top, make sure the bottom half fits as precisely as your favorite jeans, and boom: instant grade-A fit. To help you unlock your inner cover star, we rounded up thirteen of the best one-piece ensembles to buy right now. Geronimo!

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