15 Outdoor-Ready Folding Chairs That’ll Save Your Ass (Literally)

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The best outdoor folding chairs can be like best friends—for your ass. That’s because outdoor chairs make the act of sitting en plein air live up to your original vision. Laying out on a blanket doesn’t work in a group setting unless you’re napping in the beach sun. Sitting cross-legged is fine if you’re in middle school or doing a yoga-in-the-park class, but otherwise unsustainable. Just sitting straight down on rocks, grass, or dirt is a recipe for bad posture and a ruined fit. In all cases you spend your time focused less on the company and the scenery, more on moving various limbs to try staying comfortable. But an outdoor chair? Suddenly this whole being outside just works.

Now, it’s true that your average outdoor chair is ugly, cheaply made, or both—all frail plastic frames and swishy fabric. But thanks to some brilliant seating designers, and, um, Supreme, foldable furniture has become exponentially cooler. The materials are sexier: elegantly stained wood, gleaming powder-coated steel, plastic and swishy fabric (but nice). They no longer have the energy of dad-waiting-for-his-kid-to-finish-soccer-practice. In fact, the best outdoor folding chairs? They’re dope enough to use indoors. Definitely when you have company. But in, a few cases, just as unexpected pieces that make a room all the more lively. And, yeah, comfortable for someone’s ass. Here are 15 of our favorites.

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