15 Products for the Best Beard of Your Life


Growing a beard can be a rollercoaster—the neckbeard, the awkward phases, the dreaded patchiness. Luckily for you, the best beard products on the market today make caring for your scruff a pleasure. A surge of interest in proper facial hair maintenance means there’s a endless array of products to sift through—the only downside is that all this abundance can get a little overwhelming. Do you really need to buy a shampoo specifically for your beard? Invest in a specialty beard wax? Spring for a beard conditioner? Yes, yes, yes! Your beard is a thing of beauty—treat it that way. 

We did some sorting to help you get started—through the combs, brushes, trimmers, and more—to separate the grooming essentials from the nice-to-haves. Soothing balms packed with skin-friendly ingredients to old-school waxes the pros swear by, these are the beard care products that’ll help you tame stray hairs with ease, all without veering into faux-speakeasy mixologist territory. So get shaping and smoothing, and prove once and for all to your deeply concerned friends and family that your illustrious lockdown whiskers are here to stay.

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