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All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. A few years back, loafers went crazy in the best way possible, following in the footsteps of the out-there sneaker wave. Boots and clogs of all types soon followed suit. As spring rolls into summer, some crisp white sneakers will undoubtedly do the trick.


I’ll tell you this story, and I hope you take it with the love I have in my heart for David. When Teller and I were first touring—and “touring” means the two of us in a car, playing fairs—we stopped at Gilley’s [the legendary Pasadena, Texas, venue featured in Urban Cowboy] because David Allan Coe was playing. This was the 1970s, and Teller and I did not look like we


The watch: the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver The single best thing about this watch: The traditional diver’s watch get Louis Vuitton’s high-fashion touch. The backstory: While the watch world and Watches & Wonder show has been dominated by the Rolexes, Jaeger LeCoultres, and Patek Philippes of the world, luxury timepieces are not solely the domain of traditional Swiss houses. Since 2002, Louis Vuitton has been in the luxury watch


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It’s mid-afternoon in Las Vegas when TJ Lavin logs onto Zoom, peering from behind the wheel of an F-250. His iPhone is propped on the dashboard, angled upward so that the steering wheel artfully frames his face from below. To boot, he’s wearing a beanie and tinted Tom Ford shades that make him look like an unlocked Vice City character. It’s a view that seems staged to convey maximum coolness,


Writing the book was a healing experience for Byrne, the eldest of six in a devout Catholic family, who overcame many obstacles including alcohol abuse, and in his early years, sexual assault by his favourite priest. Bryne was married to actress Ellen Barkin from 1988 to 1999 when he lived in New York City and where they raised two children: Jack, born in 1989 and Matthew, born in 1995. He


By MiNDFOOD | April 9, 2021 Jackie Clarke is no stranger to the stage. She’s toured and recorded with New Zealand’s most prominent musicians, belted out showtunes in myriad musicals, and flexed her comedic muscles while hosting large crowds. But even for a seasoned performer, being cast as the eponymous heroine in the award-winning play Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell presents an exciting new challenge. “I’m used to holding a


By MiNDFOOD | April 9, 2021 The UK is set to pass the threshold for herd immunity from COVID-19 on Monday, according to new modelling from University College London (UCL). The real-time modelling shows that the number of people who have protection against the virus through either vaccination or previous infection will reach 73.4 per cent on 12 April. This would mean sufficient resistance will have been built up within


By MiNDFOOD | April 9, 2021 Win 1 of 10 copies of Suck It Up, Princess: Real-life strategies to get out of you own way by Natalie Sisson, RRP: $29.99. Suck It Up, Princess is a guide book for women to stop using your BS excuses so you can impact the world one classy act at a time. It is packed with love, personal stories, radical transparency, silliness, hard truths


By MiNDFOOD | April 9, 2021 When the Wind Blew: A book for little people with big feelings by Jacqui Maguire. Win 1 of 10 copies, valued at $24.99. One ordinary Wednesday night, as Órla was dreaming, a storm arrived that caused the world to turn upside down and inside out. Highly acclaimed clinical psychologist and science communicator Jacqui Maguire has crafted a book that magically entwines children’s storytelling with