Feast Your Eyes on Josh Jacobs’s Tiny Goatee and Poolside Glow

Welcome to the Easter edition of Grooming Gods. The sun is shining, the mustaches are in bloom, and Howie Mandel is hatching an elaborate paparazzi prank.

Pedro Pascal

Even Pedro Pascal’s windswept bedhead wants you to support small businesses.


It does not get more grizzled than this, folks.

Julio Torres

It’s 2021 and we’re getting exclusively space-inspired highlights.

Steve Lacy

Vest weather calls for micro braids and a shadow of a ‘stache.

Lakeith Stanfield

Blonde, buzzed, and taking accidental videos. 

Patrick Schwarzenegger in Los Angeles, April 01, 2021.MEGA / Getty Images

Patrick Schwarzenegger

An oft overlooked but essential piece of the gym fit: killer scruff.

Howie Mandel in Los Angeles, March 29, 2021.Getty Images

Howie Mandel

This man saw the bald men discourse and did what needed to be done. (Hatch a three-day paparazzi prank involving at least five props.)

Courtesy of Josh Jacobs / @iam_joshjacobs

Josh Jacobs

The Tiny Goatee: for the Raiders’ running back, it’s perfect for basking in the poolside sun, topping off silk shirts, and lounging under fedoras.

Chef Sean in Los Angeles, March 29, 2021.Getty Images

Chef Sean

Is the gen-z center part revolution coming for guys, too?

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