GQ Scored You a Pair of $150 Sunglasses for Just $50

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We’re pretty excited about the newest edition of our Best Stuff Box. The sunglasses? Cool as hell and [whispers] $100 off what they normally cost. But before we get to that…

First, let us explain how the GQ Best Stuff Box works: Every three months, we pile a bunch of GQ editor-endorsed goodies in a box—menswear essentials, top-tier grooming products, useful gear, and more. Then we ship it to your house. Each box costs $50—or $190 for 4 boxes, a full year—but what’s inside is worth $200 or more. It’s a no-brainer. See more details and subscribe to GQ’s Best Stuff Box.

Which brings us to our new Summer 2021 Box. Nothing transforms your look—your whole energy—more completely than a fresh pair of sunglasses. So for our Summer Box, we’re sending you…well, a new you, by way of a pair of Raen sunnies (which normally sell for $150). In addition to your new favorite pair of shades, we’ve also packed the Box with gear we know you’ll put to good use, including the luxe-iest eye cream we could find, a steel straw for your iced coffee addiction, and a set of GQ-designed waterproof bags for keeping things dry on your summer adventures. 

Below, you can see everything we’ve jammed into this installment of the GQ Best Stuff Box—and why it’s such a steal. 

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