Heads-Up: The Best-Selling Uniqlo AIRism Mask Just Got Restocked (With Some Good New Colors)


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Good news for anyone who’s front door face mask shelf is in dire need a spring reset: the best affordable everyday face mask we’ve tried is now available in a bunch of new colors. Since Uniqlo started offering their AIRism masks in the USA last August, they’ve been a universal favorite among our editors, thanks to their three-layer construction (an outer layer for UV protection, a central layer for particle filtration, and an inner layer of Uniqlo’s super breathable and soft performance AIRism fabric). Despite the sturdy construction, the mask still has a bit of give, which makes it capable of accommodating a secondary disposable face mask. This stretchiness, plus the soft elastic straps, make it one of the most comfortable face masks we’ve found. And at $15 for a three-pack, they’re far and away the most affordable everyday mask that’s actually good. The only knock against the AIRism mask? In a very un-Uniqlo way, it’s only available in black, white, and gray. 

Welp, that changed today! This morning, Uniqlo released its excellent face mask in three new colors. Two of these are relatively classic, navy and brown. Consider these your formal face masks. The other, a shade of blue, is a lot more fun. Call it cornflower, robin’s egg, periwinkle, lilac, or dusty lavender, it’s the hit of pastel your spring wardrobe needs right now. 

Uniqlo AIRism mask (Pack of 3)

Uniqlo AIRism mask (Pack of 3)

Uniqlo AIRism mask (Pack of 3)

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