How to stay fit and keep moving while working from home

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A lot has changed this past year, including how we work. The daily commute is often no longer part of our lives, and working from home is causing back pain for many people.

It’s important to keep moving – just 30 minutes of targeted exercise a day helps, explains the German Society for Orthopaedics and Trauma. Those sitting at their desk for eight hours a day should get at least five hours of exercise a week.

The exercise sessions are best spread over the course of the day. They can also be integrated into the work day: walk back and forth while making a call, stretch your arms and legs from time to time. Any movement to compensate for sitting down is good for you.

It’s also a good idea to change your posture when seated every now and then. Sitting up straight in a chair is just as important as lying down on the couch. Regularly alternating between a neutral sitting position and a more relaxed one helps relieve tension.

Short walks are a must, even if it’s raining. This can include walking to the shops or picking the kids up from school, or just a walk around the block after lunch.

When working from home you should also ventilate properly, leaving the windows wide open briefly and regularly. Wearing a scarf helps prevent a stiff neck from the cold air.

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