It’s Buzz Cut Season for Christian Bale

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Welcome to another installment of Grooming Gods. Christian Bale is fully committing to another role, beards and mustaches are in full swing, and Adam Sandler is growing out his beard.

Jason Isbell

Consider this a formal request for everyone to take one final shot before shearing off their quarantine hair.


The best accessories for performance jitters are diamonds, a nose ring, and a robust beard.

Courtesy of Lamorne Morris

Lamorne Morris & Billy Magnussen

The ring light just makes these two fine beard specimens pop. 

Riccardo Tisci

It’s not too late to grow a mustache for Mother’s Day.

Pablo Dylan in Los Angeles, April 20, 2021.Getty Images

Pablo Dylan

Bob Dylan’s musician grandson hasn’t just inherited the crooning gene: he also shares a knack for wild curls.

Adam Sandler during the Independent Spirit Awards, April 22, 2021.Rich Fury / Getty Images

Adam Sandler

Sandler makes for a solid late contender in the pandemic salt-and-pepper beard pantheon. 

Don Cheadle during the Independent Spirit Awards, April 22, 2021.Rich Fury / Getty Images

Don Cheadle

…but he’s facing some tough competition from Cheadle, whose approach is a smidge more put-together.

Danny Trejo at Universal Studios, April 22, 2021.Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

Danny Trejo

Trejo is nothing if not consistent: you could spot that rad horseshoe ‘stache from a mile away.

Christian Bale in Sydney, April 18, 20201.Backgrid

Christian Bale

Bale likely shaved his head to make room for all the prosthetics he’s about to get as Thor’s newest adversary, but it still looks great. We’re prepared to get behind a totally shorn Bale for the premiere too. 

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