It’s Time to Put On Some Wild, Wacky Pants

Before the pandemic sent all of us scurrying home to stockpile as much fleece loungewear as possible, pants were primed for a banner year. Trousers were getting wider, wavier, and all-around weirder, and we were very much here for it. Now, finally, that moment has arrived. Brands of all shapes and sizes are making pants for a post-Zoom reality, when your lower body will once again be allowed to shine. Should your pants be big and baggy? Slim and stacked? Crisp and cropped? Patterned or plain? The answer, in a word, is “Yes.” Right now, it’s virtually impossible to go wrong. So rejoice, pants enthusiasts. Here are 21 impeccable options from Farfetch to pull on as soon as possible.

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