Olivia Colman opens up about the dark side of fame




March 29, 2021

Olivia Colman has opened up about the dark side of fame, discussing how difficult it can be to cope when strangers say “vile” things about her.

Speaking on the This is a Token podcast, Colman said trolling is the “unfortunate other side of the coin” to fame.

“It just hurts. You can be sent to bed for three days crying because someone you don’t know has been vile about you,” she said.

“I love my work, I really do. So I am trying to tell myself this is the unfortunate other side of the coin to it.

“I love my work and the people I meet, I’m really lucky, as long as I protect myself from the other side of it I’m all right.”

The Oscar winner also said the “best thing that ever happened” to her was having a spell where her acting work dried up as it keeps her humble.

“I’ve always been ambitious, naively ambitious initially. But you temper that and you say, ‘I’m working and that’s brilliant’,” she said.

“The best thing that ever happened to me was not working consistently for a good many years – it means I will always appreciate work.”

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