Ranking the best calorie-burning at-home activities

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| April 21, 2021

LiveRugbyTickets has pulled together the full calorie-burning ranking of at-home activities.

  1. Dancing video games. Video game workouts like Wii Fit are the top-ranking calorie busters, burning 209-240 calories every 30 minutes.
  2. Cutting trees and chopping wood. As we head into winter, you might find yourself outside chopping wood for the fire. Burning around 140 calories every 30 minutes, it’s a smart way to burn off that winter comfort food.
  3. Household cleaning. Whether you’re deep cleaning the kitchen or overhauling your wardrobe, household chores are a great way to burn calories while ticking off your to-do list. Household cleaning burns around 96-110 calories every half hour.
  4. Gardening and yard work. With around 90 calories burned every 30 minutes, digging in the garden, pulling out weeds and getting stuck into yard work is not just great for your backyard, but your health too.
  5. Washing the car. While lower on the list, burning around 63 calories a half an hour, washing the car is still a good activity to burn off some energy.

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