The 10 Biggest Fits of the Week

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Kid Cudi

The Man on the Moon—in a really good dress

David L. Nemec

LeBron James

GOAT-level layering work here: shorts-hoodie-jacket is a true pro move. Especially when the jacket’s Vuitton.


Machine Gun Kelly

The suit is primed for an absolutely enormous comeback this summer.

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Virgil Abloh

Abloh, attending Bottega Veneta’s show at legendary Berlin club Berghain, dressed like he was attending a fashion show…and then a night at Berghain.



Elite Leisurewear™.


Michael Keaton

A look Bruce Wayne would be proud of, down to the perfect tassel loafers.

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Also papped at Berghain, Slowthai, too, wore a very clubbing-in-Berlin-grade outfit.

The Hollywood Reporter LLC

Lakeith Stanfield

Let’s just take a moment to praise the humble ballcap.

Prince Williams


This is mostly a jewelry appreciation moment, but that’s a pretty killer jacket, too.

Barry Gossage

Chris Paul

The Point God knows how to keep things simple.

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