The Iconic Royal Oak Arrives in a Brand New Color

The watch: the green-dial Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

The single best thing about this watch: It proves everyone’s favorite felt frog wrong: it is easy being green.

The backstory: Next week, watch collectors worldwide will gather around their computers for Watches & Wonders, the revamped-for-the-pandemic trade show for new timepieces. The event is sure to be a bonanza of new pieces, as Patek Philippe and Rolex will be joining this year’s festivities. And contenders for the best new watch of the year are already trickling out. Last week, Omega preempted the hoopla and put out a new range of vintage-inspired Seamasters. Also on the docket: a range of new green-dial Royal Oaks. The classic no-frills version comes with a “sunburst” dial, while other iterations carry flat green dials but make up for it with other bells and whistles. There’s a gold chronograph, and a quartet of tourbillon-equipped pieces in gold, pink gold, and titanium—one with emeralds around the bezel and one without. All are sure to be fan favorites.

The new gold Royal Oak Chronograph

Diode SA – Denis Hayoun

This watch matters in the world of watches because: When we’re talking about a watch of the Royal Oak’s magnitude, any new edition is going to be front-page news. Audemars Piguet’s most coveted and popular model—the simple Royal Oak known as the 15202—now comes in a new standard color. The beauty of the Royal Oak has always been its versatility, and AP made a version of the watch with colorful green dials in the ‘70s before letting the shade fall by the wayside. The brand made a very limited-edition green-dial watch with a perpetual calendar in 2018, but foliage-lovers and geniuses alike have had few options to choose from outside of that. Now, green Royal Oaks enter Audemars’s main line of watches.

The Royal Oak set with emeralds for when a green dial isn’t enough 

Diode SA – Denis Hayoun

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